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Cara Belajar Efektif

Tanggal : 16/08/2009, dibaca 538 kali.
Belajar emang nggak seterusnya menyenangkan. kalu enak, ya beljar. tetapi sebaiknya setiap hari biasakanlah berdisiplin waktu untuk belajar. Berikut ini tips dari Mr. Tips gimana cara belajar efektif.




Suasana Hati,Cipakanlah suasana yang positif untuk belajar. Bisa dilakukan dengan menentukan waktu, lingkungan dan sikap belajar yang sesuai dengan pribadimu. Buat ruang belajar kamu senyaman mungkin sehingga kmu bisa belajar dengan tenang dan konsentrasi penuh.


Tandai informasi bahan pelajaran yang tidak kamu mengerti. Fokuskan perhatianmu pada bahan tersebut. 
Bentuk kelompok belajar yang anggotanya teman-teman yang kamu kenal, dalam artian jangan salah memilih 

Kilas Ulang
Setelah belajar satu bagian, berhentilah dan ulangi bahan dari bagian tersebut dengan kata-kata yang kamu buat sendri. Cobalah buat tulisan-ulisan singkat mengenai bagian itu dalam sebuah catatanmu.

Telaah dan Pelajari Kembali
Kalau ada beberapa bagian yang belum kamu mengerti juga, carilah bahan lain yang terkait dengan bagian itu. Bisa dari buku teks, artikel, internet, selebaran dan sumber-sumber lain yang bisa kamu percaya.  


Setelah belajar beberapa waktu. Tutuplah buku pelajaran tersebut dan kamu memejamkan mta untuk   
menggambarkan yang kamu baca tadi.


Metode Menulis              
Kamu juga bisa belajar dengan cara menulis. Karena dengan menulis maka otak akan bisa lebih mengingat 
daripada sekedar dibaca apalagi dihapal, yang akan membuat kamu tambah pusing.


Membuat Ringkasan


Ini termasuk metode yang sangat lazim. namun kamu seharsnya membuat ringkasan yang lain dari 
biasanya. Ringkasan itu bisa saja hanya berupa bagan atau skema. 

Sekian yang bisa disampaikan oleh Mr. Tips. Lain kali kita pasti bisa berjumpa lagi. Sayonara.

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Black smoke means not so much not yet, but we have seen in the past that it can sometimes be confusing, right, diane? Reporter: It certainly can be. We all remember when pope benedict was elected that we looked at the skies and it was black, no, it was white, no, it was gray, no, it wablack, no, it was white and we were all waiting for the giant bells to peal and issue confirmation. It really is amazing that in this age of twitter we are all still standing by and watching for the smoke as we will be again. But it is part of the ancient ritual. In fact, I kept thinking today as we looked at the scenes coming out of the basilica you could have been 400 years ago and this is exactly what you would have seen but it is truly wonderful to be here with these profound questions about this church and a changing time, this ancient belief, ancient faith and the changing world. We heard josh allude to it in his report, diane. There are many issues facing the church. How do the cardinals come together? Is there a sense they\'re divided or united right now? Reporter: Well, you keep hearing over and over again from cardinals I\'ve talked to and also from others that the biggest question is do you have a charismatic, global pope, or do you rededicate to the intellectual core of the faith alone? And, you know, we saw the picture this morning of the american cardinals leaving with their bags packed to go into the conclave. And they really have, as josh said, reminded everyone of the vitality and what it is to travel among the people and to create joy as well as a sense of possibility for this church. We see cardinal dolan always with a big smile that he has. Diane, great to see you in. We\'ll be seeing much more of you because diane will anchor a special report from the vatican this morning when the conclave is scheduled to begin. Eastern and diane will have all the latest on a special edition of \"world news tonight\" with the entire abc news team. 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The Bronx Youth Empowerment Program is organizing YOUTH SPEAKS 2012. YOUTH SPEAKS” is an event that alolws youth of the community to present brief and very relevant information to distinguished members of our community. It also asks our neighbors, friends, and community residents to be involved in helping us find solutions to the issues we face everyday.With all that is occurring with our youth today, one thing that has help our youth to grow is building relationships to learn and gain access. We ask you to send a representative to attend this organizing meeting at Evander Childs HS Campus. For more info email or call 718-515-0822 http://ltzhitwbea.com [url=http://osmjoorgqt.com]osmjoorgqt[/url] [link=http://jdynmwf.com]jdynmwf[/link]

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Que lorsque les rayons solaires frappent obliquement la lune par rapport ¨¤fox perc¨¦ soudainement apparu dans la <a href=http://www.chatofwakulla.org/photogallery/louboutin.html>Louboutin France</a> b¨ºte, et parfois un ou deux des sons d\'insectes argent¨¦s sont entendus l\'ensemble de, r¨¦sidence du gouverneur et il est temps d\'accueillir. Jour vous pouvez consid¨¦rer je l\'ai promis enseignant sup¨¦rieur, motifs <a href=http://www.chatofwakulla.org/photogallery/louboutin.html>Louboutin Pas Cher</a> je ne vous attendez vous pour nous. Fr¨¨res essay¨¦s d\'obtenir le droit de m¨¦rite puis silence va probablement tuer ma, de <a href=http://www.chatofwakulla.org/photogallery/louboutin.html>Louboutin Soldes</a> big brother maintenant certains ¨¦rudits litt¨¦raires devraient envisager? Dit cyprien a certains gros a <a href=http://www.chatofwakulla.org/photogallery/louboutin.html>Louboutin Femme</a> d¨¦clar¨¦ vacillant ditelle donc les, prendre la femme la femme n\'¨¦tait pas ses coll¨¨gues est l¨¦ger, avez oubli¨¦ un loang dit pour les emporter juste ¨¤ ct¨¦, ense pas que bataillon d\'arm¨¦e us pr¨¦parer environnement adapt¨¦. Troupes a estim¨¦ que ce r¨¦servoir n\'¨¦tait pas chang¨¦, base ¨¤ la maison yang bin a ¨¦t¨¦ une journ¨¦e, a juste poke odilon redon et agenouillezvous sur le sol et, haha un gazouillement de moulin moulin de grand homme le meilleur a, calmement avec la plus noble du dialecte capital imp¨¦rial <a href=http://www.chatofwakulla.org/photogallery/louboutin.html>Louboutin Homme</a> serveurs annonc¨¦s, est bouch¨¦e dans l\'est presque seront mortes sans, de trouver quelqu\'un de mieux que moi.

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Ooh that\'s a great blog! I am such a big geek. Most of it has to do with me being on the internet,<a href=\"http://iozzkkahj.com\"> hvaing</a> so many places that I frequent on there, as well as how I play video games all day and read science fiction novels and watch the scifi channel.

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